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Fame Lady squad

Be a Part of History

A Comeback Story

Fame Lady Squad was originally launched in July '21 as the first generative female avatar NFT project.


On August 10th, amidst a historic community uprising, the project was taken over by key community members and became one of the first (and maybe most infamous) community-run collectibles projects.


Meet the ladies

Welcome to Fame Lady Squad, an NFT project of 8888 unique ladies. Each lady is programmatically generated from a pool of traits with millions of potential combinations.

Lady holders own the IP and commercial rights their lady

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Our Mission

Fame Lady Squad and our community exist to provide opportunities and support to women of all backgrounds in the Crypto/NFT space.



We're doing our roadmap a bit differently than others. The below are all projects we are currently working on and are comfortable announcing and assigning a timeline to. We also have a backlog of items (see below), that are also in the queue.

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The backlog consists of things that we are working on, but don’t yet have a hard release date, can’t yet announce because of NDAs or are still working to nail-down all the details. We want to share these things with you so that you have transparency into what is coming-up!

Ladies Only - Content

Ladies-only website content helping our members stay up to date, make the best decisions possible and continue to act as experts in the space.

Brand Partnerships

We have been in talks with brands run by women. We are currently under NDA and aren’t able to release any details, but we’re excited to continue to support and partner with female-led companies.


Many of you have shown interest in seeing an FLS presence in Decentraland! We have a team working on this and hope to come back to you soon with a plan!


Our story is one of the biggest assets we have as a brand. We want to be sure we do that justice. There are many ideas we are exploring including talking to documentary film-makers, developing comic books etc.

Our Team

Meet our leadership team! The three of us took the project over on August 10th, 2021.

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Bored Becky

Ashley (she/her)

Optimist, Social Media Queen, Bored Ape, ADHD Brain



Saul (he/him)

Marketer, Designer, NFT Crazed, Woodworker, Expecting Father

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Danielle (she/her)

NFT OG, Advisor, Marketer, Writer, Educator, Mother

Our team also includes almost a dozen mods and other internal members. Expect a more extensive team page in the near future.