Our Story

The beginning

The original Fame Lady Squad project launched in early July claiming to be the first all-female led and female-based NFT project. The project was cheered by many and gained steam early-on. On August 9th, 2021, members of the community found evidence that the team was not who they claimed to be, and were in fact men. Shortly after the allegations, the founding team made a statement confirming they were men. 


The Transition

After outcries from numerous members of the community including @DigitalArtChick, the original founders agreed to turn the contract, project and assets over to key members of the community who now lead the project: Bored Becky, Data Lady (Now Data) &NFTIgnition.

The Re-Launch
On August 24th 2021, the project re-launched and is now not only the first generative female avatar project but also the first community-led project.

The Future

To be written by all of us......